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1. How to Sing in Gabinotravel.com??

It's easy and fast,just follow the next steps:

1.- click on Place an Advertisement

2.- Write your Name,Telephone,e-mail and password.

After you done those simple steps,your registracion ends.

2. How to Announce in gabinotravel.com?

It's very esary,just follow the steps:

1.-Fill in Headline.

2.-Advert type.

3.-Type (offer), (wanted).

4.-Country and city from star to destination.


6.-Frecuency (daily),(one off).


HEADLINES AND COMMENTS are very important.so try to announce in both language.

3. Payments Method

-Paypal We
recommends this commonly used system, but you need to register with Paypal
before you can procede with the payment. Click on the Paypal logo below to
register and pay with Paypal.

You now only need to make the payment by choosing one of the following
payment methods and following the instructions:

1. Bank
? into the following accounts:
Bank Account in Spain:
Gabinohome SL. (Calle Demostenes 15 -CP:29010 Malaga - Espaņa)

Caja Madrid Account Number: 2038 9877 5460 0003 5745

I.B.A.N (International Bank Account Number): ES24
Subject: Priority
Advert y Ad reference No. and/or your e-mail